Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most common questions I receive about the Healed Being program. Feel free to reach out if you have any further comments or questions.

The Healed Being program can be taken through email lessons every two to three days (Healed Being subscription) or purchased in full for access to all the lessons at once (Healed Being Online). You can choose the option that works best for you. 

If you purchase Healed Being Online, you’ll get immediate access to all the lessons, including existing and new Q&As as they’re released, lifetime access to the private online support and discussion groups, audio versions of the lessons, and more. 

If you choose the subscription, you can cancel anytime you’re ready to venture out on your own. 

For more information on both options, click here.

The subscription is designed to send you lessons at the most effective pace to give you time to apply and observe the changes, and also see how your healing affects those around you. 

Since the full Healed Being Online course gives you all the material at once, it’s important to choose a pace that works for you. Remember to give yourself time to apply what you’ve learned between lessons so that you can allow the changes to take place. 

Both options are effective and life-changing. Which one you choose will depend on how fast you need the lessons and how willing and ready you are to apply what you’ve learned to solve the challenges you’re facing. 

Both options give you access to the online support and discussion groups right away. That way, you’ll always have a place to get your questions answered. 

This is a true “cancel anytime” program. There is a Cancel Program link at the bottom of every lesson to make it easy. No hassle.

Details and total cost for the subscription and the full Healed Being Online program can be found here. 

The subscription is the best option for those who need to watch their budget. 

However, even though Healed Being is a powerful, life-changing experience and a much smaller investment than therapy, the program is still out of reach for some people. That’s why I host two free podcasts dedicated to your mental health and well-being.

My shows:

The Overwhelmed Brain

This podcast will help you make good decisions, become emotionally intelligent, and create great relationships. It’s all about what it takes to become the most improved version of yourself.

Love and Abuse

This podcast talks about emotionally abusive relationships and learning how to deal with abusive behavior from others. It is geared toward the recipient of hurtful behavior, but I have many episodes that I give the perpetrator of those behaviors helpful guidance as well. 

Love and Abuse can be extremely valuable along your journey to healing not only because you may relate to many of the topics I talk about, but you’ll also get the perspective of the victim of emotional abuse – a valuable viewpoint that can help you empathize and understand at a greater depth. 

Also, there are times people who take this program reach out to me and share that they are the victims of emotional abuse, and they didn’t realize it. Sometimes the victims are made to believe they are the perpetrators. It’s good to learn just where you fit in so that you know what to work on. 

Signing up for the trial of the program will give you a great start to your healing journey. It will also give you a good taste of the learning material and what to expect going forward.

I get a lot of feedback from those who are taking or have already gone through the program, so if you resonate with what they’re saying, you will likely benefit from Healed Being as well.

I encourage you to at least sign up for the free trial. If you aren’t sure if you should continue the program after that, sign up for the subscription for one month. That will give you a good measurement of the changes in your life.

If you don’t see the results you’re hoping to see, use the Cancel Program at the bottom of any lesson. You can stop anytime. 

If, however, you find the program valuable, just continue the subscription or get all the lessons at once by purchasing Healed Being Online. 

If you decide to purchase Healed Being Online, what you’ve paid into the subscription will be subtracted from the full price. Either way, you’ll start to see results that will improve many aspects of your life as soon as you begin.

The Q&As are my responses to specific questions on relationships and behavior. These can be valuable lessons in themselves.  

Over the years, I’ve received a lot of questions regarding abusive and hurtful behavior. For each question I receive, I turn it into a Q&A lesson for everyone to benefit from.

I continue to get questions from both sides of emotionally abusive relationships and write up new Q&As all the time. As long as you’re on the subscription plan, you’ll continue to receive all the latest and best tools for your healing and learn techniques to help you change.

If you purchased the full Healed Being Online course, you will have access to all current and future Q&As for life, along with lifetime access to the online support and discussion groups. 

Not at this time. However, I and others are available in the private, online support and discussion groups for you when you need to vent, ask questions, or simply share what’s going on in your life.

I make sure to reply to every single post, so you’ll always have my insights and opinions on what you’re going through. We are all there to help you through the challenges you’re facing. And it can be helpful to be in a place where there are people that can relate to what you’re going through.

This is one of the most common questions I receive. The short answer is: If you’re looking to save your relationship after being emotionally abusive, this program will give you the best chance to make that happen. 

In my opinion, when you’re truly committed to changing your behavior and healing any unhealthy coping mechanisms you may have, and you’re applying all the lessons, and they still have love in their heart for you, there is a good chance the relationship can be saved. 

The long answer, however, is much more complicated. As I said, it really depends if they still have love in their heart for you. Some people are just pushed too far over the edge, and there’s no coming back for them. When someone reaches their limit and they seal their heart shut, they usually aren’t willing to try any harder or travel any farther to reconnect with you. 

That’s not always the case, of course. Some people are willing to unlock the seal they’ve put on their heart and let you in again. It all depends on your particular circumstances and just how far it’s gone. 

Unfortunately, some people who join this program have already pushed someone they care about beyond their limit. It’s very difficult to reconcile after someone has closed their heart off completely. But again, as long as there is still love in there somewhere, there is a chance.

This is a very tough question to answer because everyone has their limits. And everyone is different in how they feel about reconnecting and making the relationship work. But no matter what, always continue to work on yourself.

Even if you know for sure you are losing the relationship today, you don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow or next year. You may reconcile with them or not. You may connect with someone new but don’t want to lose that relationship either. 

Just focus on your own healing and growth and you will be able to show up as the best version of yourself. 

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find a therapist that knows a lot about the nuances of abusive behavior. They are out there, but I’ve found there are fewer available than I hoped. 

Fortunately, this program is designed to address everything you’re going through. I’ve been where you are, so you will get value from the successes and failures I share with you in the lessons. Plus, I’ve worked with hundreds of clients and have served tens of thousands through my podcasts. I’ve been at this a while. 

I realize, however, you may still want to work with a professional one-on-one. If so, I recommend looking for one that has dealt with domestic violence, psychological or verbal abuse, or even narcissistic abuse.

The tricky part is that emotional abuse is a big bucket that a lot of the above behaviors fit into. You may find a therapist that really knows their stuff. But you will likely need to vet a few to make sure they know exactly what you’re going through.

To help you know what to ask a potential therapist, I created a podcast episode over at Love and Abuse called Emotional Abuse explained for your friends, family, attorney, therapist or anyone else that may need to know what you’re experiencing.

Give that a listen. If you resonate with what I talk about in there, you’ll know what to ask a therapist when you start your search.

You can also look into BetterHelp Online Therapy which will give you some alternative forms of therapy.

Good for you for wanting to resolve this inside yourself. When I healed, I felt so much lighter. It’s still strange to me to walk around without feeling like they’ll trigger me at any moment. It’s a relief. 

Absolutely. Feel free to reach out anytime. Here’s my contact form.